Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Class 702 Ms.Bentley


Dear, Diary
Date: 11/20/08

Hey I decided to write a diary because it sometimes helps me remember things
and make me happy. But, the thing that didn't make me feel good was the time when
my mom took me to foster home. That was not a good place because once I herd that
Mark told me that foster home was a place were kids get picked up by other family and
that they have to live with them for a long time. But, Mark wasn't he haded to stay in
school for ever because the other family didn't like them or him. But, that was kind of
a good time because I made some new friends and there names were Mark and Doggie.
We were best friends forever.


November 21,2008

Today was a ruff day. I almost attacked Butch. The reason why I almost attacked
Butch was that Butch was making fun of Mark and ha was hurting his feelings. I wanted
to help Mark by punching him in the nose. I felt like Mark wanted to be friends because
I protected him and I was trying to be nice to him. By showing how much I care for him.
I kind of think about Stacy like if she was my girlfriend but I really don't like her.

Sincerly Jennings
Dear Diary,

Maybe I do think shes like my girlfriend. um I don't know today was a ruff day.
I felt sad because I couldn't take Doggie with me and now I don't have nobody to talk
to. The thing that was going threw my head was that ''what are they going to do with me''?,
''where would I be going''?, ''what's happening''?.
I think my new home would be like a new place to be in and maybe a place where people
wont hit me anymore. My fears are going to be hit for no reason, probably not see my mom
any more but my most fear is when this horrible nightmare end.


Dear, Diary
Today was a great day but at the same time it was a horrible day. Today I was at Mrs.C,and she was cursing
me out like if there was no tomorrow. She cursed me out many times and she even beat me up with a stick. She made
me cry that was the worst day ever. But, then Mr.C, protected me from his wife and he told his wife if she hit me again
or curse at me he would take me back were I was at before. Then the next day she started to abuse me and then Mr.C,
took me back I was so happy because I get to see my best friends Doogie and Mark. I felt so happy I thought my mom
was going to pick me up.

Sincerly Jennings,
Dear Diary,
11/ 26/ 08

After, a while it was lunch time then we went upstairs and Stacy went home before she left
she gave me a kiss in my cheek. Then I herd that Sister Frances was calling me she said '' Jennings come over here ''
I thought I was in trouble but I wasn't. The reason why she called me was that my mom came and she was coming for me
that was a good expression for me. I asked her if we can take Mark and Doggie with us but I could only take Doggie.
Then, that was it I couldn't see my friend Mark any more and I was pretty upset. But, the good news was that I was
going home.


Dear Martha/ Diary,

After I left it was not that bad as I expected. First, I went back to school with some fresh new clothes but other people think that it was old clothes, but to me
it was new. I had a fight with some kids in school because they were making fun of my clothes and they also called me a bagger. They were calling me a bagger because they said that I was wearing every bodies clothes and that was not true. So, then I was getting made and started to fight them. Then, I think I excently punch a car and I hurt my rist and I started to bleed.
Then, they gave me 12 stiches and now it is getting cured, and now I feel much better.
But I am kind of sad because my mom got sick again and I had to move and now I am sleeping and passing the night in the Bronx Zoo with my friend Doggy but we are spending a great time because we get to eat free food and we get to see the animals for free too. That were some good days but it would be more fun if you would of came.


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