Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesturday's Trip!!

Robert Mattei
Class 702
Ms. Bentley
June 18, 2009

- First Paragraph:

Where did you go for your 7th grade class trip?
In My 7th grade trip I went to Lake Compounce! That was Fun!
Where was this place located?
The Trip was located in Connecticut. That is really far!
What time did you leave?
I left like around 8 or 8:30 in the morning!
How long did it take to get on the bus?
It took us about 3 to 4 hours straight!
What did you do while you were on the bus waiting to leave?
I was using Angel's PSP watching a movie and playing his game!
How was the trip the park?
It was the best trip I have every went in my whole entire Life!
What did you do on the way to the park?
I was walking around to check out who the park looked like!
What movies did you watch?
On the I saw a movie about Harry Potter and Batmen!
How long was the bus ride?
About 3 to 4 Hours straight nawn stop!
How did you feel on the bus?
I felt excited at first because we were going to Lake Compounce but then it
turned out that I was getting sick and bored!
Why did you feel this way?
I felt sick because I did not eat nothing before I went on the bus!

- Second Paragraph:

Once you arrived at the theme park what did you do?
When I arrived at the theme park I got so happy because I just
wanted to go on every
How did you feel when you saw the park?
Who was in your group?
In my group there were 8 people and they were Me, Christian, Desire, Alhaji, Isaias,Steven, Ms.Bentley, and Angel.
What teacher were you with?
I was with Ms. Bentley.
What was the first ride that you went on?
I went to the Wild Cat!
Who went on this ride with you?
Ms.Bentley, Steven, Angel, Isaias, Alhaji, Me, Christian, Desire.
What other rides did you go on?
We went to the Wild Cat, We went to the Wipe Out,
, Then Steven and Alhaji went to Down Time, Then we went to get drinks, Giant Wheel, Then I went to the saw mill, Then we went to eat, then we went to the Zoomerrang, then we went to the Pirate, then we went to the Bomber Cars, also the Ghost Haunt and then we went to the Wipe Out!
What was your favorite ride?
The Zoomerrang! That was Hot!
Why was it your favorite?
It was my favorite because I went the fastest and I went all the way up!
What did you like about it?
The massive Height and Speed!
What ride did you dislike the most?
The Wipe Out!
What did you dislike?
I did not kie the Wipe Out because That got me dissy.
Did anything funny happen on any of the rides?
Yeah The way Steven was leaning on top of Christian and when Christian was leaning on Steven as well.
Did your teacher go on any rides with you?
Yes, Ms. Bentley went to all of the roller coaster.
What rides?
The Wild Cat, The Zoomerrang, The Wipe Out, The Saw Mill, The Giant Wheel, The Bomber Cars, and The Wipe Out again.
What did you order to eat?
I ordered a Hot-dog, and I ordered a Bag of Doritios Chips.
How did you like the food?
I liked the Hot-dog and The Chips.

- Third Paragraph:

What was the last ride that you went on?
The Wipe Out!
Besides getting on rides, what other stuff did you do or see at Lake Compounds?
I saw a lot of water slides and water rides, but we couldn't get wet.
How was the bus ride home?
Horrible!!!!!! Because I was Trowing Up a lot!
What movie did you watch on the way back?
We saw Batman Begins.
What did you like the most about Lake Compounds?
The Zoomerrang and The Wild Cat!!!
Would you want to go back ?
Yeah I would Definitely would like to go again so that I can try on the Boulder Dash!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Air Pollution

Robert Mattei
Class 702
Mr. Osei
June 5, 2009

For dot 2 dot I am making a movie on Imovie. And the movie that I am making is
about nature & science. The movie that I am making is about Air Pollution.
Air Pollution is a serious problem that is passing by earth. This is not cool Air Pollution is a Chemical mixture of gas & gasoline. We must try to not waist that much of gas because that will kill all animals & plants this is really deadly & sad. Here are some pictures of Air Pollution.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Questions

Robert Mattei
Class 702
Ms. Bentley
June 2, 2009

The poverty affects the characters in Angela's Ashes, because in the movie
the characters live in a poor town where people are starving and they have no
where to sleep & stay.

The little babies kept on getting sick because the babies had nothing to eat
and they were getting fleas.

If I was the father I will work a lot such as work over time, & I will get paid well
so that I can get enough money so that I can by a lot of food & house supplies as

She did not work so that she can by food for the family and she did not wash the
families clothes.

He did not work as well and he was addicted in drinking & he tries to stop
but he can't.

The family lives in these conditions because they didn't have no place to stay & they didn't have any food as well so mostly you can say that they are poor.
They can work & they can change in the way they act. Such as clean the house.
Yeah bums who live on the streets & at the train station.
Yes, because in Ireland there are people who don't take a bath & that they don't have any food to eat.
Because, in America there are people who don't have food but there are people
who try to help the homeless people on the streets.