Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bronx Masquerade Character That I Relate To The Most

The Book that I am reading in class is that is The Bronx Masquerade. The book is about
different kind of kids that have serious relationships in school and that they have problems in school while they enter in The Bronx Masquerade. The types of students that I know so far are Davon, Tyrone, and Chackuna. What I know about Davon so far is that Davon like to read and write poems. The things that I know about Tyrone is that every time some one reads a poem or make a poem he always have to make a comment no matter what. And, the types of comments that Tyrone makes are good and respectful comments he makes. The other things that I know about Chackuna is that she is smart and she says that she isn't any type of women men think she is. I pretty like this book because this book is pretty Intresting and you can really relate your life with theres. I can relate with Davon the most because he likes poems and I like drawing with both have things that we like.

The things that Me and Davon have in common is that we both have things that we like the most which is that Davon like Poems and That I like Drawing. I kind of like Davon the least because he likes to many things and I don't like to many things. The Person who I like is Tanisha because she likes to be popular and she only like to hang out with people who respect her and likes her. Mostly, in my family I'm like the one who gets more things then my rest of my family members. I'm the one who gets good things I think this is because I am popular because I get things more then any body else.

The person who I dislike the most is Tyrone because every time some one finish saying some
thing he always has to say some thing smart. And, he gets on my nerve. The second person who I don't like is Davon because he thinks to much about poems and I think to much poem is kind of gay. Nah, I'm just playing I think poems are kind of cool but I think to much poems are kind of weird.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over my Mid-Winter Break!!!

Robert Mattei
Class 702
February 25, 2009

My Mid-Winter Break

In My Mid winter break it was awsome, because on Friday the 13th I went and spend my time in the movies and I went to go see the new Movie Friday the 13th. That movie was hot and I liked it but other people say that it was trash but not for me. Then, on Saturday February 14, I Went and spend my time with my grandma because it was her birthday and we went to a resturant and then we went to a bakery store and brought her a cake. Then when everything was settle down we sang her a happy birthday song. Then, on Sunday February 15 we went to Queens to a fancy Resturant then my grandma said after we finish from the Resturant we will go and by you something you want. Then I said really and she said yeah. So, then I told her if she can by me a pair of sneakers by not any kind of sneaker I wanted the new pair of Jordan's The True Flights in Red Black n White. Then, after that i went to my fathers house and we went shopping and thats the only thing that happened and thats the only thing I did during my Mid-Winter Break.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Black History Month

Black History- Shirley Chisholm
I learned some things about Shirley that she ranned for president. I watched 2 videos about Shirley speech. I feel happy about Shirley because she was brave enough to talk about black history. Yes I would like to learn more things about Shirley Chisholm.I think Malcolm X feel very happy about Shirley Chisholm because she spoke very brave just like Malcolm X and she wasn't scared to speak. I would like to learn most about Rosa Parks. I learn some things about Black History of Malcolm X and Shirley Chisholm.I think blacks were treated a little more respected because she ran for president and was the first African American women who ran for president. I can name 2 women who ran for president and they are Shirley Chisholm and Hilary Clinton. She is important to history because she was brave and talked about lots of things and was the first African American women who ran for president.

Black History- Malcom X
I learn lots of things about Malcolm X and black History. I watched videos about Malcolm X talking about the KKK. I feel Malcolm X wasn't scared of the KKK and he had to make people not be scared of them and fight them. I would like to learn more about Malcolm X and his speeches.I feel sad because lots of things KKK did to lots of people. I would like to learn more about Martin Luther King, I know a lot of Martin Luther King, but I want to learn more about him. I only know a little about black History.I never read any poems about written by a Black author and I would like to read some. I never seen any poem written by a Black person and I would like to see that. I really like writing poems, but I like it when it got rhyming in it.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Robert Mattei
February 13, 2009
Class 702


Bread, and Mayo
Ham n Cheese and Soda
Lettuce and tomatoes with piece
Is my whole life
When I dance I fell like
a bird that Fly. I love this

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Langston Hughes Poem

Today in Literacy class I have learned new different things about black people and the things that they went threw. Also, I have learned the new word of the day which is Jim Crow. Jim Crow is actually not a real person , a Jim Crow is a former practice of segregating black people. I think that the non- whites were affected by the Jim Crow laws, because they don't care about the black people they just want to see and hear the black people suffer and that they stay in pain.

Langston Hughes was a important person who liked to write about poems. He really like to write poems about the things that happen in their lives and the things that goes on in life. I think the lives of black people was painful and raises, because the black peoples has suffered a lot and some black people were even killed just because they were different from others. Today I have read a poem from Langston Hughes called Merry - Go round it was a good poem.

I felt bad and disrespected at the same time because I have seen black people get hurt and also disrespected by others such as white peoples. Also, sometimes I feel disrespected because if I was a black person I would feel the same thing the black people will feel which were Pain, Suffer, some black women get rapted and also sexual abuse. By men and thats crazy and the only thing is that now I just give hope to the people who get hurt and that suffered from pain.

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2 , 2009

Aim: How do we use spread sheets to create Graphs?

Today I learned how to create Different types of graphs such as Circle Graphs,
Bar graphs and also line Graphs. But, the cool thing is that I did it on the Laptop and the way I did that was by Going to the Microsoft Excel. That was really cool and then I did some types of data's. The types of data I did were The Amounts of Budgeted of Activities, and the other one was the Amounts of Points the Players
Scored. I had Learned new ways for making graphs in the computers .