Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Questions

Robert Mattei
Class 702
Ms. Bentley
June 2, 2009

The poverty affects the characters in Angela's Ashes, because in the movie
the characters live in a poor town where people are starving and they have no
where to sleep & stay.

The little babies kept on getting sick because the babies had nothing to eat
and they were getting fleas.

If I was the father I will work a lot such as work over time, & I will get paid well
so that I can get enough money so that I can by a lot of food & house supplies as

She did not work so that she can by food for the family and she did not wash the
families clothes.

He did not work as well and he was addicted in drinking & he tries to stop
but he can't.

The family lives in these conditions because they didn't have no place to stay & they didn't have any food as well so mostly you can say that they are poor.
They can work & they can change in the way they act. Such as clean the house.
Yeah bums who live on the streets & at the train station.
Yes, because in Ireland there are people who don't take a bath & that they don't have any food to eat.
Because, in America there are people who don't have food but there are people
who try to help the homeless people on the streets.

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