Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Haiku Poem

Robert Mattei March 19, 2009

Class 702 Ms. Bentley

Haiku Poem

BANG! the bat swings hard
The ball is out of the gate
And its a home run

1) The purpose I wrote this poem was that I like Baseball and its my
favorite sport.

2) The mood of this poem is Emotional, and its a fun experience.

3) Yes, when you read this poem you can paint a clear picture about the ball
going over the gate.

4) Write 2 more Haiku Poems about
- Basket Ball
- Foot Ball

Basket Ball

SWOOSH! I shot The Ball
BANG! I made a 3 pointer.
The team won the game.

BOOM! The players get hit.
BANG!! The team made a touch down.
The team won the Game.

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