Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?

Robert Mattei
Class 702
Ms. Bentley
May 5, 2009

Why do you feel he is innocent/guilty?
I feel that Steve is Innocent, because he was telling the truth about that he didn't robbed or killed Mr. Nesbitt.
What role did you think he had in the crime?
I think he didn't have a role in the Crime because he just said that he didn't kill or robbed Mr. Nesbitt.
How do you think the robbery occurred?
The Robbery occurred, by the hands of King because he was the one who made up the plan of the robbery.
Give your account of what you think happened that night.
Do you think Steve knows Bobo? Why ? Why not?
I don't think that Steve knows Bobo, because at the court he said that he didn't know Steve. And, what happened at night King shot Mr. Nesbitt.
Why do you think Steve is friends with people like James King and Osvaldo?
Steve is now Friends with James King and Osvaldo because he gave them respect and when you give people respect you gain respect.

How can our friends influence us?
They can give oner and respect by giving us, and we can help each other by giving us our space.
How was Steve influenced by his friends?
He gave them respect and now he has friends cause he gave respect to everyone he sees.
Have you ever been in a situation like Steve Harmon where you got into trouble because of the people you associate with?
Yeah, when I had a problem with a kid in my old school and he was trying to scare me by bringing a pocket knife. But, I wasn't scared I just had to what until after school so that I can fight him.
Why is it important to choose your friends wisely?
It is important to choose your friends wisely because any thing can happened they can try to jump you, they can back stab you or any thing like that.
How do you think Steve's lawyer, O'Brien, feels about Steve's choice of friends?
She feels worried because any thing can happen to Steve just because he Didn't choose his friends wisely.

Do you believe Steve is being negatively influenced by his friends or do you believe he is just like them?
He is trying to be like them but he can't because he is different by them just by the way he acts and feels about things.
Look at your character chart. What does Steve have in common with his friends? Though, Worried, and Scared.
What are their differences?
They each act differently, and they have types of Character Traits such as a killer and thugs.
Why does Steve want to me like James King?
He wants to be like James King because he wants to be all big and bad, and so that he can control people.

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