Monday, February 9, 2009

The Langston Hughes Poem

Today in Literacy class I have learned new different things about black people and the things that they went threw. Also, I have learned the new word of the day which is Jim Crow. Jim Crow is actually not a real person , a Jim Crow is a former practice of segregating black people. I think that the non- whites were affected by the Jim Crow laws, because they don't care about the black people they just want to see and hear the black people suffer and that they stay in pain.

Langston Hughes was a important person who liked to write about poems. He really like to write poems about the things that happen in their lives and the things that goes on in life. I think the lives of black people was painful and raises, because the black peoples has suffered a lot and some black people were even killed just because they were different from others. Today I have read a poem from Langston Hughes called Merry - Go round it was a good poem.

I felt bad and disrespected at the same time because I have seen black people get hurt and also disrespected by others such as white peoples. Also, sometimes I feel disrespected because if I was a black person I would feel the same thing the black people will feel which were Pain, Suffer, some black women get rapted and also sexual abuse. By men and thats crazy and the only thing is that now I just give hope to the people who get hurt and that suffered from pain.

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