Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bronx Masquerade Character That I Relate To The Most

The Book that I am reading in class is that is The Bronx Masquerade. The book is about
different kind of kids that have serious relationships in school and that they have problems in school while they enter in The Bronx Masquerade. The types of students that I know so far are Davon, Tyrone, and Chackuna. What I know about Davon so far is that Davon like to read and write poems. The things that I know about Tyrone is that every time some one reads a poem or make a poem he always have to make a comment no matter what. And, the types of comments that Tyrone makes are good and respectful comments he makes. The other things that I know about Chackuna is that she is smart and she says that she isn't any type of women men think she is. I pretty like this book because this book is pretty Intresting and you can really relate your life with theres. I can relate with Davon the most because he likes poems and I like drawing with both have things that we like.

The things that Me and Davon have in common is that we both have things that we like the most which is that Davon like Poems and That I like Drawing. I kind of like Davon the least because he likes to many things and I don't like to many things. The Person who I like is Tanisha because she likes to be popular and she only like to hang out with people who respect her and likes her. Mostly, in my family I'm like the one who gets more things then my rest of my family members. I'm the one who gets good things I think this is because I am popular because I get things more then any body else.

The person who I dislike the most is Tyrone because every time some one finish saying some
thing he always has to say some thing smart. And, he gets on my nerve. The second person who I don't like is Davon because he thinks to much about poems and I think to much poem is kind of gay. Nah, I'm just playing I think poems are kind of cool but I think to much poems are kind of weird.

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