Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over my Mid-Winter Break!!!

Robert Mattei
Class 702
February 25, 2009

My Mid-Winter Break

In My Mid winter break it was awsome, because on Friday the 13th I went and spend my time in the movies and I went to go see the new Movie Friday the 13th. That movie was hot and I liked it but other people say that it was trash but not for me. Then, on Saturday February 14, I Went and spend my time with my grandma because it was her birthday and we went to a resturant and then we went to a bakery store and brought her a cake. Then when everything was settle down we sang her a happy birthday song. Then, on Sunday February 15 we went to Queens to a fancy Resturant then my grandma said after we finish from the Resturant we will go and by you something you want. Then I said really and she said yeah. So, then I told her if she can by me a pair of sneakers by not any kind of sneaker I wanted the new pair of Jordan's The True Flights in Red Black n White. Then, after that i went to my fathers house and we went shopping and thats the only thing that happened and thats the only thing I did during my Mid-Winter Break.

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